Fideri Fidera Theatre present: Ogg ‘n’ Ugg And The World’s First Dogg @ Otley Courthouse
Feb 22 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Can you imagine life without dogs? No? Well, no worries, because Ogg ‘n’ Ugg are here to save us from a life of doglessness.  Join our two intrepid Yorkshire hunter gatherer heroes as they pal up with their mortal enemies the wolves and – despite flying meat bones, time-travelling sticks, and sabre-toothed tigers – finally get to pat the world’s first Dogg.

Having visited the Courthouse with their shows “Pitschi the Kitten with dreams”, and “Oskar’s Amazing Adventure”, Theatre Fideri Fidera’s ‘reet funny’ comic take on the amazing evolutionary process that transformed the wolf into man’s best friend is sure to be another sell-out.

Age 3+ and their families