Peter & The Wolves

James Ellis

August 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Bloomfield Square
Gay Lane
Peter & The Wolves @ Bloomfield Square

Rock ‘n’ roll from some of Canada’s finest Peter and the Wolves rockabillying all the way from Calgary to Otley. Not to be missed.

Calgary’s Peter & the Wolves, are an old fashioned rock and roll band bent on makin’ you wanna kick out your chair shake it all night long!
In 2013, they emerged from Bowness, a fresh-faced rockabilly outfit shaped by their forefathers’ rowdy, unstoppable urge to shake it. Led by Howlin’ Pete Cormier, the Wolves were playing the bar scene while half its members were still in high school. Pete flashed his guitar and lady-killer good looks, as Theo dug deep into his stand-up and Paul cranked out soul-scorching keyboard solos. Sweat dripped from their brow and soaked their sharkskin suits; they pulverized the room and left them panting for more.

Rockabilly with an infectious R&B groove, heartful of twang ’n’ soul, four-on-the-floor rock ’n’ roll wrapped around Howlin’ Pete’s honey-coated vocals and little boy smile that leaves them cryin’ in the aisles. Today, the band consists of a core trio:
Jason “Pedro” Lowe – double bass
Cody Voyer – drums
Peter Cormier – songwriter, guitar, piano
and additionally featuring:
Meg Thompson – saxophone
Deicha Carter &
Sydney Zadravec – backup vocals