David Thomas Broughton Live at Bloomfield Square SOLD OUT

James Ellis

April 12, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Bloomfield Square
28-30 Gay Lane
LS21 1BR Otley
David Thomas Broughton Live at Bloomfield Square SOLD OUT @ Bloomfield Square

“Since emerging from the ever-fertile West Yorkshire DIY scene in the mid-00s, David Thomas Broughton has forged a distinctly unique path of incongruous musical exploration. Employing minimal performance tools, Broughton wilfully embraces elements of chaos, error, and malfunction, building them into his folk-ish narrative tales until one part destroys the other. Ever on twin precipices dividing tragedy from comedy and beauty from ruin, his semi-improvised, self-deprecating, lovelorn songs reward a patient audience with moments of delicate charm, all the time wondering whether he is truly in control of the situation. And yet, he always is.

A figure of cult fascination, his confounding genius was captured on film in 2016′s documentary, ‘The Ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton’, which featured contributions from folks including Shearwater, David Shrigley, Sam Amidon, and concludes with Broughton himself serenading a half-eaten sausage.

We will also have a short opening set from Andrew DR Abbott.

Andrew DR Abbott
‘Postindustrial Northern Primitive’ fingerpicked baritone acoustic guitar from Bradford. Recent release ‘Live on Daisy Hill’ put out by Bloxham Tapes combines a series of instrumental compositions backed with field recordings of canals, reservoirs, bell towers and woods of former mill towns in the North of England.

“A minor 21st century folk masterpiece … Abbott ignores the comfort of pure folk structures and bluesy scales, twisting his lush folk guitar into something brimming with potent pangs of a serrated kind of poetic discontent.” (The Quietus)



Tickets are £12 and available from Bloomfield Square