Ideas that go BANG!

Find out what makes the world go round, in more ways than one at this fun annual festival that takes place at Otley Courthouse.

The popular Otley Science Festival was founded by in 2008 by BBC One Show scientist Marty Jopson (pictured) and members of the management committee of the Otley Courthouse arts and crafts resource centre. The first festival proved to be a huge success. The week-long event had everything from indoor fireworks to a history of Otley’s proud links to the early days of the printing industry.

The popularity of science as a school subject has waned over the last few decades but the Otley Science Festival aims to prove that science can be fun as well as educational.

The programme for the week is high varied and includes music and art in addition to the science programme. The festival is planned to have something for all the family and features many fun-packed, hands-on activities.

Date: Monday 6th to Saturday 11th November 2017

For further information please visit: or the events calendar on this website